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How It Works

How the Fort CollinsWeight Loss Weight Loss Program Works

If you’re trying to figure out if Fort Collins Weight Loss is right for you, we’re here to help you every step of the way! Let’s break down how the diet works, the different plans you can choose from, and everything you need to make your decision.

Reduce Inflammation

Address Inflammation

The majority of weight gain is actually due to inflammation in the body. We work with you to determine the root cause and help you heal.

Enjoy a Real Diet & Real Food

Enjoy a Real Diet & Real Food

Now that your gut health is improving and you can absorb nutrients better, we focus on long-term lifestyle and weight changes.

Reset Your Metabolism

Reset Your Metabolism

We focus on gut health, which is vital to health and weight loss. Reset your metabolism and improve the way your body utilizes food and nutrients.

Supplements Support You

Supplements that Support You

Nutraceuticals impact your metabolic pathways, making weight and fat loss easier. It contains no hormones or stimulants and comprises amino acids, vitamin B, and herbs.

We're here to support you... every inch of the way!

No matter what you’ve experienced in the past, our team is here to support your journey from the moment you reach out to us. We are proud to provide one-on-one coaching sessions with a weight loss nutrition provider to help you meet your goals (in person or virtually).


You get access to the mobile app with all data included (grocery list, weight tracker, and explanation videos).


One-on-one coaching sessions with a weight loss nutrition provider to help you meet your goals (in person or virtual).


2 bottles of Secret for Weight loss Lipotropic Compound Formula & 1 Secret for Weight Loss Appetite Control drops.

Health Improvements

We surveyed the last 100 people who completed the program. Besides losing weight, here are the percent of people who reported health benefits.

*Based on the average weight loss per client from the last 500 patients surveyed after completing the program and the number of programs that start per year. This program is not a cure or treatment for any health condition but besides losing weight, many patients experience health benefits from this program when they incorporate healthy eating habits.

The survey results clearly indicate that a significant majority of clients, 68%, reported experiencing enhanced energy levels throughout their participation in the weight loss program. This finding underscores the positive impact of the program on clients’ vitality and highlights its effectiveness in boosting their overall energy and well-being.
The survey results provide compelling evidence that the weight loss program had a profound impact on the confidence of participants, with 66% reporting a noticeable increase. This finding highlights the program’s ability to empower clients and instill a greater sense of self-assurance as they progress towards their weight loss goals, ultimately improving their overall well-being and self-image.
The survey results indicate that more than half of the clients, specifically 51%, reported experiencing improved digestion during their participation in the weight loss program. This finding suggests that the program’s approach, which likely includes dietary modifications and healthier lifestyle habits, positively influenced clients’ digestive health, leading to a better overall digestive experience and enhanced well-being.
The survey results reveal that nearly half of the clients, precisely 48%, reported experiencing improved sleep patterns throughout their involvement in the weight loss program. This outcome highlights the program’s potential impact on sleep quality, suggesting that the combination of healthier habits, increased physical activity, and potential weight loss positively influenced clients’ ability to achieve better sleep, leading to enhanced restfulness and overall well-being.
The survey results provide substantial evidence that a significant portion of clients, 44%, experienced a reduction in joint pain while actively engaging in the weight loss program. This finding underscores the program’s effectiveness in alleviating joint discomfort, likely due to the combination of weight loss, improved nutrition, and increased physical activity, all of which contribute to reduced stress on the joints and improved overall joint health.
The survey results indicate that a staggering 42% of clients reported experiencing improved mental clarity & focus while using our program.

The numbers don't lie.

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